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Every entrepreneur, business and start-up is on social media trying to grow their business, but the approach has to be Pretty Vicious and different to your traditional methods of #generatingleads.

This approach is called “inbound, pull or relationship marketing, which I discussed in an earlier post - what is inbound marketing? Pull and relationship marketing is about developing relationships with customers before doing any overt promotion. The idea being people, especially women, tend to do business with others who they already know, like and trust. In fact, according to Nielsen,

“ 83% of consumers will trust the recommendations of family and friends, but how does one go about gaining trust and generating qualified leads from social media? ”

Here’s 6 Pretty vicious ways of attracting qualified leads:

1. Establish your brand as being knowledgeable in your industry. Do this through your blog, newsletter, and the types of posts you add to your social media accounts. This authority will build trust with your followers as they learn more and more about what you do, and your expertise in that field.

2. Pick the best channels for your brands visibility and focus on those. Ask yourself: “Where is my target audience hanging out?”. You also need to decide if another social media account is right for your business as covered previously in our blog - 10 questions to ask before creating another social media account.

3. Be helpful on social media, not just pushing your product or service. Developing trusting relationships will give you greater returns in the long run than doing nothing but #promotingyourbrand.

4. Provide exclusive offers just for your loyal followers, such as special offers, discount codes, contests or giveaways.

5. Incorporate paid ads. Social media is not really a free platform for business. In order to get the exposure you need to generate solid leads, you need to invest in #Facebook, #Twitter, and/or #LinkedIn ads, depending on what platform your potential customers are on.

6. Use video. Video are all the rage on the social media scene so take full advantage.In conclusion, social media offers a vast amount of ways to take advantage of its powerful lead generation possibilities.

If you’re looking for a more in- depth and Pretty Vicious strategy we can help you contact us today.

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