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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If your brand is focused on reaching the the 13- 17 years old market you'll be please to learn that Snapchat is working on launching a new self-serve Ad platform for its Snap ads product.

Snapchats new ad platform

Snapchat was aware that lack of metrics was a major reason why many brands were hesitant to advertise on the platform, so the new mobile dashboard is a welcomed change.Evidently, #snapchat is taking cues from Facebook, first it was sponsored #geofilters and now sponsored Ads. So what exactly does this mean for your brand? Let’s breakdown the capabilities of the three new Snap business tools:


Buy, manage, optimize and view reporting on campaigns for all Snap Ad types, including video, app install, long-form video and webview. Organize targeting capabilities, goal-based bidding for swipes or installs and assets like video creative, audience lists like emails and mobile IDs.


View and share ad creative as it will be seen by Snapchat users, review live campaign performance, edit, pause campaigns and receive notifications about key metrics from within the Snapchat app.


Configure roles and permissions for ad team members, change billing contacts and manage different ad accounts.

Snapchat also recently went public and with a valuation of $20 billion-plus which it will seek to justify, so these changes come at a particularly important time, hence why they wants your businesses ad dollars.  The question will be whether smaller businesses can create compelling video ads for Snapchat’s unique vertical video format and its low attention span teenage audience. Creating polished video ads will be much harder for small-to-medium businesses on a short budget, unlike running Google AdWords, AdSense or Facebook’s image and link-based ads.

There is no shortage of brands rushing to meet the young millennial consumers where they live online, to elbow their way in and find  a moment of relevance amidst tall of the tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook updates, and every other form of communication that defines the current age we live in.  If you're struggling to manage or improve the results of your social adverting, it's time to get in touch with Pretty Vicious Marketing and stop wasting valuable time and money. 

There are a few things Snapchat haven’t added. For instance, right now you can’t buy Sponsored Geofilters through Ad Manager, only though a separate self-serve tool, it’s not simple to do advanced A/B test campaigns, and both Ads Manager and Business Manager don’t currently plug into other business software.

Bottom line is any business, big or small, that wants to reach teens, will need to get up to speed. App Annie says that 35 percent of Snapchat’s daily users can’t be reached on Facebook on a given day. That percentage rises to 46 percent on Instagram and 61 percent on YouTube confirming Snap’s distinct and coveted audience will mean businesses have no choice but to get with the times.

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